Mua Cave – Ninh Binh

Overview of Mua Cave

This is one of the most amazing panoramic sceneries in Vietnam. According to telegraph UK, Ninh Binh is the wonder of the world and locals call Mua Cave the “Great wall of China in Vietnam”. This area is one of the most recommended destination by visitors because they love this place for short holidays.

Name of the cave is originated from the story of King Tran. He visited Mua Cave and saw the dance performances of imperial maids so people started calling them Mua “dancing”.

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It is a majestic, wonderful and relaxing landscape with a large delta. You can enjoy panoramic scenery of the entire area from the top of the Mua Cave mountain. It is accessible from different areas such as Khe Dau Ha Village, Hoa Lu district, Ninh Xuan commune and Ninh Binh province along with Trang An ecological tourism complex.


Things to do at Mua Cave

There are a lot of things to do in this stunning place.

Visit virtual tower to click photos

You have to climb almost 500 stairs to reach the tower on the top of the mountain from the foot of the mountain. There is a ramp on the Mua cave that is too steep. This is a beautiful tower constructed in the Vietnamese traditional architecture. You can click fantastic photos of the majestic mountains and clear blue sky. This is an unforgettable experience whereas be careful if you have any problem that troubles you to climb very steep areas or too many stairs.

The Stairs To Mua Cave


Dragon peak sunset and the Goddess of Mercy Shrine

There are two roads on the top of the mountain. Right path leads to the shrines of the Goddess of Mercy and the other one leads to the beautiful stone dragon. Mua cave closes at 5pm whereas you can enjoy the sunset around 6:30pm. Mountains make the surrounding more interesting. You can have a vivid and vibrant panoramic view of Tam Coc with blue rivers, fields, limestone mountains and much more. Nature lovers and photographers enjoy the amazing views of the area.



Tiger cave and Flower Garden

You can reach entrance of the cave after walking through beautiful artificial lakes, small paths and one large lake. This is not a large or wide entrance whereas there is a deep stream going inside the cave that only appears in summers. There is a large lotus lake, when you walk towards the right side and reach the valley of colorful flowers. You can enjoy the lotus flowers and click photos in the area.


Accommodation (budget moderate and luxury) near Mua Cave

Hang Mua Homestay

This is a very comfortable accommodation with breakfast, free Wi-Fi, Parking and other facilities. It also offers access to outdoor swimming pool and adults only pool. You can book shuttle service or private car from the hotel. It also has a bar and a restaurant.


Hang Mua Ecolodge

Mua caves ecolodge is surrounded by beautiful mountains and rice fields. It is very close to the countryside, Thai Vi Temple and Train station. Rooms have wooden wall décor, Wi-Fi, flat screen TV, mini fridge, coffee makers and patios. It also has a restaurant, bar and a beautiful terrace.


Tam Coc Garden Resort

It is an upscale resort located on the Red River Delta. There is a scenic landscape and rice fields around it. Resort has eight bungalows with rooms having stone and bamboo décor. Hotel offers many facilities such as mini fridge, Wi-Fi, garden view terraces, safes and coffee making machine. They also offer complimentary loaner bikes.

Tam Coc Garden Resort

Places to eat

There are many restaurants that offer delicious food.

Monalisa Bar and Restaurant

This is best place to have delicious pizza. Menu has a variety of French, Italian cuisines, steaks and seafood options. There are many delicious drinks, margaritas and cocktails also available.

From 1990 restaurant food and drinks

This is the best restaurant that serves delicious Pho /noodles, vegan foods, rice and fresh local beer. You can select meal from a variety of amazing Vietnamese cuisines.

Lac Hong Restaurant

It is best place to have authentic Asian and Vietnamese cuisines. Ingredients are sourced from local farmers and nearby fields so they are fresh. There is a capacity of 100 people.

Airport info

Biggest airport of Vietnam, Noi Bai international airport is used for domestic and international flights in Hanoi. You can use a car to reach the Mua Cave.


After reaching airport, you can take bus, car, train or motorbike to travel to Mua cave. You can book a private car or taxi to travel from the hotel to the attraction. Some hotels and resorts offer tours to different tourist attractions.

Mua cave is a must visit attraction in Vietnam. There are many activities to do and a lot of things to enjoy. Remember bringing your camera to click a variety of unforgettable views.

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