Hue Vietnam Beach – Top 5 beautiful beach in hue city

When it comes to the sand and the water, you cannot find a Hue Vietnam beach right in the middle of the city.  While that may seem a little inconvenient, you should know that getting to a Hue Vietnam beach is easier than it might seem.  Plus, while a couple are further away than others, the scenic drive is worth the time you spend getting there. 

It is never easy to determine which Hue Vietnam beach is right for you, so you may want to visit a couple before you come to a conclusion.  That will allow you to weigh the pros and cons of a couple different areas before choosing the Hue Vietnam beach you will spend the rest of your vacation at. 

Which Hue Vietnam Beach is Right for You!


Thuan An Beach

This Hue Vietnam beach can be found approximately fifteen kilometers to the northeast of the city, right near the gorgeous Tam Giang – Cau Hai Lagoon.  This lagoon system is near the mouth of the Huong River, so you will have many incredible views on your way to this Hue Vietnam beach, as well as while you are there. 

Thuan An Beach can get quite crowded during the summer months, because it is the beach of choice amongst all the locals.  Of course, that time of year also brings the vendors to this beach, as well as lots of family friendly fun.  This is the perfect option if you want to see what the locals do for fun and if you want to take the time to meet quite a few of them. 

Despite the crowds, the summer months are still the best time to visit this beach.  The reason for this is other months of the year, mainly November through March, are known for being typhoon season.  The cold winds and rain would destroy any visions you may have had of lounging on the beach during your vacation to Vietnam. 

Getting to this Hue Vietnam beach is fairly easy if you take the bus or taxi, but you can also get there on your own using a rented motorbike or bicycle. 


Lang Co Beach

Lang Co Beach is a Hue Vietnam beach that is twelve kilometers to the north of the city.  The soft sandy beach can be found on a beautiful lagoon filled with sparkling water.  The palm trees surround the sand and you will find that they sway just slightly with every gentle breeze.  In the distance, you will see massive mountains, which create the perfect backdrop for any picture you take. 

This Hue Vietnam beach is quite tranquil, and appears untouched, despite the fact it is a major tourist destination.  You cannot participate in any water sports at this beach, other than swimming, so plan on a simple relaxing day in the sand for your visit.  The nearby restaurants offer the freshest seafood in the country, thanks to the overabundance of fish, lobsters, and other delights in the water. 

The best time to visit this Hue Vietnam beach is any time during the spring or summer.  The earlier you go, the cooler the temperatures will be, so make sure you anticipate being super-hot if your plans have you in Vietnam during the month of August. 

Riding the bus is the easiest way to reach Lang Co Beach, as well as the cheapest way.  However, you can also pay for a taxi to take you there or rent your own motorbike. 


Canh Duong Beach

Canh Duong Beach is a Hue Vietnam beach that is approximately twenty kilometers from the city and most people believe it has the best scenery of all the nearby beaches.  This stunning beach is located between two mountains and has an arc shape that allows plenty of space for those who simply want to relax on the sand. 

When you arrive at the beach, you may have a hard time deciding whether you should stare out towards Western Chan May Mountain, or if you should turn your sights to Eastern Chan May Mountain.  There really isn’t a right or wrong answer, so simply look at the mountain that you seem drawn to first.  And then maybe switch your views, and focus on the other direction, a little while later. 


Vinh Thanh Beach

This Hue Vietnam beach is a little bit further from Hue than the other beaches mentioned above.  In fact, you will need to travel thirty kilometers to the southeast of Hue before you find yourself sitting on this sandy shoreline. 

It is easy to hop onto public transportation, like the bus, to reach this beach and you will love the meals you can get from the nearby restaurants. 

There is no easy way to find the perfect Hue Vietnam beach for your vacation unless you actually visit each one first.  Therefore, do not assume you need to stick with the beach that is closest to your accommodations or one that other travelers have mentioned in passing.  Consider the pros and cons for each Hue Vietnam beach you spend time at and then decide which one is your true favorite!

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