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Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park is regarded as one of Vietnam’s most appealing tourist attractions. Every year, a large number of tourists visit and explore the caverns, as well as the flora and wildlife. Aside from that, it features a variety of delectable foods that will make your vacation unforgettable. Phong Nha has its own indigenous specialties, which distinguishes Quang Binh cuisine. Many local delicacies are ready for you to try. Here are some foods that we highly recommend you eat if you visit Phong Nha.


 1, Khoai deo (Soft Sweet Potatoes)

The fiber content of sweet potatoes is higher than that of ordinary potatoes. This can work wonders in improving the overall digestive health, provide energy and improve bone health, even treating diabetes. In Phong Nha, it is well processed into a regional speciality.

Soft-Sweet-Potatoes- what to buy in phong nha
(Soft Sweet Potatoes – what to eat in phong nha)

The process of creating this speciality is as straightforward as the lives of the people who live here. Red Sweet Potatoes are dried under the sun for 10 to 12 times after being sliced and boiled, till the color changes to dark orange. The plasticity of sweet potatoes is caused by the amount of dry periods in the sun.  Khoai deo can be found easily in Quang Binh Province’s marketplaces. It is frequently purchased as a present for friends and loved ones by visitors to Phong Nha.

2, Chao Banh Canh (Noodle Soup Porridge)

Chao Banh Canh is one of the most favourite breakfast for the people in Quang Binh. This specialty is very simple and not elaborate. The main ingredients of Chao Banh Canh are noodles made from rice flour. Everything is made by hand, including the kneading, rolling, and cutting.The broth is a great mix of fish and pork. It’s accompanied by green cabbage shredded on the side. The flavor is very wonderful, despite the simple ingredients. A bowl costs 20.000 – 30.000 VND (about 1$). This speciality is available in Quang Binh at the Son Thu food stall on Phan Boi Chau Street or Suong Hong food stall on Nguyen Huu Canh Street, Quang Binh Province.

(Noodle Soup Porridge – what to eat in phong nha)

3, Banh xeo gao lut (Brown rice pancakes)

In contrast to other types of pancakes that are commonly seen, Quang Binh cuisine has rice pancakes composed of brown rice flour. The method of preparing dough for brown rice pancakes is time-consuming. People must first soak the brown rice in water for several hours before grinding it using a stone mortar until smooth. In a hot pan with oil, the flour is brought to a boil with the cuttlefish and egg. It served with ricepaper, unripe banana, salads and dipping sauce. The best time to eat Banh Xeo is right after it’s been made. Taking a slice of the crepe in your palm, the heat and scent of the meal will entice your taste buds.

(Brown rice pancakes – what to eat in phong nha)

Besides, you may also eat Banh Xao prepared using regular rice flour instead of Brown rice flour, it tastes just as good. The greatest food booth offering Banh Xeo in Quang Binh is in the Quang Hoa commune market or Ba Don market.

4, Lau Ca Khoai (Tarpon Hot Pot)

Lau Ca Khoai is one of the dishes in Phong Nha that should not be missed.  Ca Khoai is a soft-boned fish that has earned the nickname “flour fish” by many. Quang Binh’s fish are caught and sold straight to restaurants, ensuring that they are extremely fresh. This makes hot pot taste better than it does in other areas.

(Tarpon Hot Pot – what to eat in phong nha)

The fishes is carefully marinated with peppers, chillies, and fish sauce. Tomatoes, mushrooms, sour tamarinds and fermented bamboo shoots are used to make the broth. When eating, people boil the soup in a saucepan and place the fish in hot water for a few minutes. That’s all done and ready to taste.

5, Banh Bot Loc (Filter cake)

Banh Bot Loc was modified in Hue and is not originally from Quang Binh. However, it is becoming increasingly popular in Quang Binh due to its excellent taste. This dish has a one-of-a-kind charm due to the use of just spices from the local garden.

banh-bot-loc---what-to-eat-in-phong-nhaWhile they look simple, these cakes are not as easy to create as they appear. After grinding, filtering, and mixing the flour, each ball of dough is filled with a well-simmered prawn and a few additional ingredients before being wrapped in banana leaves. After that, the filtered cakes are cooked until they become transparent. Filter cakes go great with chili fish sauce. The delightful taste of filter floud combined with the umami of pork and shrimp will undoubtedly impress you.


The dish is quite inexpensive, costing only 2,000 VND each slice of Banh Bot Loc. You can have a taste of it at Me Xuan Hai Thanh or Ga market.

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