Vong Canh Hill

Vong Canh Hill is a poetic place that even emperors cherished. It is a 43 meters high picturesque hill with pine forest, amazing sunsets and Huong river. Name of the hill means “the hill for sightseeing” because Vong means “to observe” and Canh means to “to watch”. It is also known as the eye of hue because the peaceful city can be seen from the hill top.

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It was the sightseeing and relaxing space for emperors during different dynasties. This name was given to the hill in the Nguyen Dynasty. Royals loved it so much that many of their tombs are built around it such as the tomb of Tu Duc, Dong Khanh, Thieu Tri tomb and some queens. French and American military used this hill as the strategy point for warfare. You can see many historical bunkers located near the hill.

This marvelous hill has appeared in the movie Mat Biec, that increased its popularity.

Sunrise and Sunsets of the hill

There are many villages below the mountain. Lush green forests, roofs of village houses, boats in the river make the scene look very dramatic and eye catching. The sunset and sunrises from the hills are stunning. Water transforms into blue at sunset and golden red at sunrise. Many writers, painters and composers immortalized the beauty of Vong Canh hill.


What to see

  • There are some village on the sides of the hills such as Hai Cat, Ngoc Ho, Huong Ho and more. You can see beautiful local life and interact with the people living near Vong Canh hill.
  • There are not just pine trees but small fruit gardens under their shade. Corn fields are also located near the river where small boats silently pass by.
  • There is a watch tower foundation near the hill and a water plant built by French architecture.


Things to do on Vong Canh Hill

  • Enjoy beautiful views of the surroundings and fresh air on the hill. It has cool weather so if you are staying until sunset, don’t forget keeping a wrap.
  • Click a lot scenic photos. This is a wonderful place to click photos to keep memories in the travel album.
  • The hill is the perfect place for picnic. You can make a camp stop to stay overnight and enjoy BBQ. Wake up early to see the most memorable sunrise.
  • You can easily get food or water from the villages, if you need any while camping.


How to get to Vong Canh Hill

You can easily get a taxi for Vong Canh Hill. Different scooter and bike rentals shops are also available to get a scooter and helmet.

Different companies also offer tour services. You can book a private or group tour to the hill. They combine hill visit with other attractions like Thuy Xuan Incense village, Tu Duc tombs and much more.

How to get to Vong Canh Hill

Vong Canh Hill is an amazing place to enjoy sightseeing whereas try to have a sustainable trip. Keep the surroundings clean. Avoid spilling trash especially plastic bottles and bags.

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