Vinh Moc Tunnel

Vinh Moc Tunnel or Địa đạo Vĩnh Mốc is the largest historical relic in Quang Tri. It is famous because people of Vinh Iinh lived here for a long time during the war. This area beneath the earth protected people to survive the war and built an underground community. The complex network of caves is very well planned and well managed at that time for the survival.

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People survived and prospered in the underground cave. Almost 17 children were born and survived in the caves. There are many heroic evidences which make this cave an important part of Vietnam’s history.

Vinh Moc Tunnel 

Vinh Tunnel Features

DMZ (demilitarized zone) is a tunnel complex that expands between South China sea to North Ben Hai river. There are more than 60 tunnels in the Vinh Linh network. Vinh moc tunnel has round staircase that leads to three floors which are still intact like its past days. Length of the tunnel is almost 2 km and first floor is 13m, second is 15m and 3rd is 23m deep beneath the ground.

the area beneath the earth in quang tri

Soil inside the tunnel is dense clay that allowed easy digging with hands. With the passage of time clay dried and walls of the tunnel became very strong. It was built in 2 years by digging almost 6000 cubic meters. There are small houses, a big hall, water well, clinic and a maternity place where children were born in the tunnel. Different parts of tunnel have ventilators linked to the sea and nearby hill for air passage. There was a capacity to transport tons of rice and to disperse kitchen smoke without attracting enemies. 60 families lived in the tunnel and no one died during the war.

How to get to Vinh Moc tunnel?

Vinh Moc tunnel complex was used as a shelter during war by the people of Son Ha and Son Trung commune in the Quang Tri province. Different tour companies in the Hue city offer guided tour to the tunnel. It is better to book a guided tour if you want to learn about the area. local transportation is also available from Hue city to Vinh Moc tunnel but it is not easy for foreigners to reach the tunnels by themselves.

vinh moc tunnels

Historic features if Vinh Moc tunnel

It is a mark of wisdom, bravery and planning of local people in the war of independence. They constructed it in different stages between 1966 and 1971. Only one bomb hit the tunnel directly from a ventilation shaft but it failed to explode.

khe sanh

Real name of the tunnels complex is “Son Vinh tunnels”. They were opened for tourists after 10 years of the ending of war. Government continuously strive to preserve these tunnels in their original shape. In the mid of 1960, area was turned into a blackened wasteland facing continuous attacks from the US military. Vietnamese soldiers planned to move the local community under the ground to protect them from war and stop casualties.


This tunnel network is built in two A shape tunnels connected with a U shape tunnel. It is a worth visiting place to learn about the fascinating history.

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