Thanh Tan Hot Springs

Thanh Tan Hot Springs is not only a tourist attraction whereas it is a place to restore health. This place is named as Resort Alba Mineral spring Thanh Tan Hue. It is a stunning area to spend relaxing time with loved ones. There is a variety of entertainment spots, restaurants, resorts, gaming areas, mineral springs, spa and massage areas.

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Things to do in Thanh Tan Hot Springs

 It is a lush green park with very clean mineral water to soak in. After a nice swim, people can enjoy a relaxing massage. There are many sports, activities and games in the park. A supreme quality Alba natural mineral water is also extracted from here that is distributed in all high class restaurants and hotels. Some must-try things in the park are:

High Wire Cable Game

It is a thrilling game of balance on cables which are on the height of 6m or above the ground. Main attraction of this game is to overcome fears and conquer challenges. There are different stages according to the difficulty levels. It has 32 challenges made of wooden components on the length of 587 meters. This is a very interesting activity to enjoy.


Zip line

Zip line is the most admired game for the visitors. This swing adventure rope game is loved by tourists. It is a very beautiful experience of exploring green forest from the height of 45.5 meters especially the side of hot mineral springs. Zip line is 560 meters long. It is located on the Ma Yen Mountain.


Hot Spring Area

It is a very beautiful area to relax. Temperature of mineral springs is 68 degrees Celsius that is gradually reduced due to streams. Hot mineral water provides nutrients to the body and helps to rejuvenate the body, enhance physical and mental health. It is a dreamy, green space to spend relaxing time. It is a famous health recovery place in Hue.


Stay overnight in the resort

 You can stay in this marvelous resort area. 67 Clean and luxury rooms are available on the site. They have a courtyard and lotus lake view that makes the stay more elegant. You can enjoy a beautiful evening in the resort.

Stay overnight in the resort

Tips to visit Thanh Tan Hot Springs

Hot spring is an ideal destination to visit and enjoy natural wonder of Vietnam. There are several things to keep in mind before visiting the Resort Alba Mineral spring.

  • Resort does not allow to bring any food.
  • There is a swimwear rental service but it is better to bring your own swimwear.

Thanh Tan Mineral Springs fees

There are Combo packages that include all charges from entrance fees to activities and food. You can ask ticket counter or visit the website for booking. If you want to enjoy selective activities, then there are different charges for each game starting from VND 80,000. Bath ticket prices are VND 100,000 and VND 50,000 per person.

You can check entire ticket pricing from the website but consult a resort employee to get a combo including everything you like. Thanh Tan Hot Springs is an unforgettable and unique experience.

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