Nhi Ho Waterfall: The Great Places to Stop in Hue and Danang, Hoi An

Nhi Ho waterfall is located in Hoa Mau hamlet (Loc Tri commune, Phu Loc district), approximately 45 kilometers south of Hue city center. The waterfall is located in the Bach Ma mountain range and is the middle point of the triangle formed by Hue city, Lang Co, and Bach Ma, which is located near Hue city center. It has long been famous and has drawn many people to come, travel, and enjoy due to its proximity to the buffer zone of Bach Ma National Park and the Tu Hien estuary that borders the sea.


The overview

Nhi Ho waterfall is a stunning waterfall that nature has generously gifted upon Hue City. The natural beauty here is as magnificent as an ink painting, nestled in the midst of unspoiled mountains and forests that have not been exploited by humanity. Visitors to the wild and pristine forest where Nhi Ho waterfall is located will find a beautiful nature, a spectacular waterfall, and a green, airy environment. The waterfall is over 7 meters tall, and pure water falls down from the mountain and along the cliffs all year. The water is clear and cool, and it is surrounded by wildflowers of various colors, including purple, red, and gold, making the setting charming and poetic.



As the name implies, the natural masterpiece flows from the rock cliff and forms two lakes of 30×30 meters each. Two blue lakes, one with a low water level of about 1.5m and one with a significantly greater water level of around 2.5m. Nhi Ho waterfall’s slope is not too steep, allowing people to ascend to the top and enjoy the fresh, refreshing water. It has short paths to it that young people frequently climb to take great photographs.

What is the Best Time to Visit Nhi Ho Waterfall?

Parking your car costs only 5,000VND, and tickets to play and visit cost 10,000VND. The best time to visit Nhi Ho waterfall is from April till September. During this season, you will have a truly wonderful experiences as you view the various varieties of wildflowers that bloom on both banks of the stream. In addition to taking a refreshing bath and enjoying fun, it is impossible not to savor great local meals at very reasonable costs, particularly the deliciously grilled chicken.


Nhi Ho waterfall has long been a popular destination for tourists, particularly young people. Visitors to this waterfall can escape the heat of the summer and the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

How to Get to the Nhi Ho Waterfall?

Nhi Ho Waterfall is conveniently positioned between Da Nang and Hue. The distance between the waterfall and Hue is approximately 50 kilometers to the north, 50 kilometers to Da Nang, and 80 kilometers to Hoi An.


If you’re traveling from Hue to Danang or Hoi An, you only need to cross Cau Hai Market for about 1.5km, then turn right at 3.9km and continue straight to the Nhi Ho Waterfall. And for those traveling from Da Nang or Hoi An to Hue, it will take longer due to the long route from 50km to 80km, particularly paying attention to the Cau Hai Station, then turning left to get to the right the waterfall to prevent getting lost.

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