Long Hung Church, Quang Tri DMZ Zone

The Demilitarized Zone, or DMZ, is a historical zone in Vietnam that functioned as the border between North and South Vietnam during the Vietnam War (1955-1975). This area was a hotbed of conflict and is significant in the war’s history. Long Hung Church is located in the Quang Tri DMZ Zone, which was a brutal battleground during the Vietnam War. It provides insights into this chaotic period and offers a clearer understanding of the hardships and sacrifices made by the Vietnamese during that time.


1. Overall information

Long Hung Church is a National Relic in Quang Tri, Vietnam. It is located about 15 kilometers south of Dong Ha City and 2 kilometers southeast of the Quang Tri Ancient Citadel, near White Bridge on National Highway 1A.


Long Hung Church is one of the witnesses of the heroic history of battling against the enemy to maintain the national independence of the Vietnamese soldiers and people.

2. The History of Long Hung Church.

Long Hung church, which was completed in 1955, is a local Catholic church. In addition, the church was used to worship Christianity in Hung Long village and has a total size of 1220m2. The church features an octagonal bell tower in front, topped by a cross, a large synagogue, and corridors on both sides.


However, the church and its grounds were both destroyed during the devastating fights in Quang Tri town in 1972, which lasted 81 days and nights. In that year, Vietnamese soldiers and civilians battled heroically against counterattacks by Americans and the southern army to save Quang Tri from being reoccupied. Because this church was a key strategic point for securing the town, the Vietnamese Liberation Army battled hundreds of enemy counter-attacks here.



Overall, Long Hung Church was extensively damaged during the war. The ruins of this once-grandiose church serve as a heartbreaking reminder of the Vietnam War’s devastation.


Long Hung Church, a war relic, serves as a testament to the bravery of Vietnamese soldiers and people. It demonstrates their unwavering spirit and resolve to restore Vietnamese lives during immense adversity. When you visit the church, you will gain a better understanding of the war’s toll on the soldiers and people of Quang Tri.

3. How to get to Long Hung Church?

You may get to Long Hung Church by taxi, train, or bus from Hai Lang district. Furthermore, it is almost 9 kilometers from the Hai Lang district’s center. So, riding a motorcycle in the direction of Thuong Xa, Lien Xa, or Le Duan village roads is convenient. Significantly, you should bring all of the appropriate documentation and be prepared to use Google Maps when unfamiliar with the route. Otherwise, you may simply get to this church by using a taxi or a motorcycle taxi.


This historic site, one of the few remaining vestiges of the 1972 Red Summer War, will elicit a wide range of emotions during your visit to Quang Tri.

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