Introduce Hue City: Hue History

It is time to introduce Hue City as the spectacular destination that it has been for so many years.  The city of Hue can be found within the central part of the country of Vietnam and it is filled with history from as long ago as the Dang Trong Kingdom and even earlier.

In fact, when you introduce Hue City, you must tell people that it used to be the capital city of the Dang Trong Kingdom from 1738 all the way until 1775.  Then it was the capital city of the Nguyen Dynasty from 1802 until 1945.

Nguyen Dynasty - Introduce Hue City

(Introduce Hue City)

If you are looking to see the oldest part of this city, you will find it at the ruins of the Kingdom of Lam Ap.  The ruins date all the way back to 4th century AD and can be found where the ancient city of Kandapurpura was located.  Since you may not know where that is, it is where Long Tho Hill is located now and is three kilometers to the west of Hue.

There were many leaders in Hue over the years and each one needs to be mentioned when a person introduces Hue City to those who have never been there.  However, as important as all these leaders were during their reign, they don’t hold a candle to the history that took place in Hue City during the Vietnam War.  This is the war that made the city, and the entire country of Vietnam, quite vulnerable.

Introduce Hue City

(Introduce Hue City)

Hue City felt the repercussions of this war, due to the Battle of Hue, which was fought in 1968.  It was this part of the war that wreaked havoc on this city and most of the historic buildings were destroyed.  The reputation of this city was also ruined thanks to the massacre at Hue.

While the Vietnam War ended in 1975, it took Hue City quite a few years to return to some sort of normalcy.  Of course, this normalcy did not include restoring many areas of the city, but that has changed in recent years.

the Battle of Hue

This part of Vietnam is directly on the banks of the Perfume River, which makes for a lovely backdrop when all the flowers are flowing down it at a specific time of the year.  Of course, the East Sea is only a few kilometers away, so it is easy to travel to a beach during a visit.

When taking the time to introduce Hue City, everyone must be told that there are many intriguing towns and villages nearby.  A couple of the most prominent ones include Hanoi, Huong Tra Town, Huong Thuy Town, and the Phu Vang District.  Getting to this amazing city is easy from the Phu Bai International Airport, as well as the Chan May Port.

While many people arrive for the history of Hue, others travel there to see the nearby mountains and wander around throughout nature.  This is easy to do at any time of the year thanks to the warmer temperatures during the winter months and the extremely hot temperatures in the summer.  However, most people choose to explore this fascinating destination during the cooler months of the year, so they do not suffer from heat exhaustion when the temperatures climb to over one hundred degrees.

There are hundreds of UNESCO World Heritage Sites around the world, but not many of them include entire cities.  This is where Hue City has become famous, because the entire city has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

phu van lau hue - Introduce Hue City

(Introduce Hue City)

As you are exploring the history of Hue, you will want to take the time to see many of the ancient monuments, as well as the tombs of the people who ruled over the area.  Afterwards, you can relax on a nearby beach, spend a little time on the riverbanks of the Perfume River, and soak in the nearby hot springs.

One thing that cannot be missed in Hue City is the cuisine and there are many different traditional dishes you must try when you are visiting.  A few of the best dishes include com hen, banh bot loc, banh la cha tom, banh hot thit quay, and banh la.  Each one of these dishes were often prepared for the Emperors themselves and the recipes have been passed down through the generations.  You will love many of the different foods in Hue City, and the rest of Vietnam, but only if you give them a try.  So, don’t skip over the traditional restaurants in this city, because that is part of the whole culture and the things you must do when visiting another part of the world.

Take the time to introduce Hue City to yourself the proper way, so you do not miss out on the sights, sounds, and tastes that are everywhere.  This is the only way you can truly appreciate such a fabulous destination in a country that has been underappreciated for so many years!

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