Banh Nam – Flat Steamed Rice Dumpling of Hue

Hue is a must-see when it comes to important tourist spots in Vietnam’s Central region. This place is not only a world cultural heritage site with a peaceful environment, but it is also well-known for its delicious. In Hue, Banh Nam (Flat Steamed Rice Dumpling) is one of the most popular dishes to taste. While this cake isn’t as well-known as the others, it’s a typical street snack found across Hue. Furthermore, Hue people make this cake as offerings to their ancestors and deities on the first and fifteenth days of each lunar month.

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Making Banh Nam does not necessitate the use of any complicated equipment. Rice flour, pork and shrimp are the primary ingredients of Banh Nam. Rice flour is combined with water and thoroughly mixed to dissolve the batter for the dumpling. After that, a little salt and vegetable oil are added to the batter. It is then cooked over medium heat until it thickens and becomes a paste.


Fillings are made up of two main ingredients: pork and shrimp. Both are finely minced, together with pepper and onion. After that, they’re seasoned and well blended before being stir-fried in a skillet. A scoop of fillings will be laid on top of the rice flour.

Before steaming, the rectangular and flat dumplings are wrapped in boiled banana leaf.  It is ready to serve after being steamed for about 15-20 minutes.


To get the best flavor, eat Banh Nam while it is still hot. As you unwrap the green cake, an aromatic of rice and banana will steam rises.  You should taste Banh Nam with sweet and spicy fish sauce when eating it. So smooth! so flavourful!


For vegetarians, there is one more recipe. Instead of shrimp and pork, the chef will stuff the shells with tofu and green bean. This cake is suitable for everyone due to its healthy ingredients and delicious taste.


Hue was the capital of Vietnam during the Nguyen dynasty. As a result, Hue cuisine is highly traditional and does a great job of preserving the culture. Banh Nam, along with other traditinal cakes (Loc Cake, Banh Beo Cake, Khoai Cake, Ram It Cake,…), contribute to Hue cuisine’s fame. If you have the opportunity to visit Hue, Banh Nam is one of the specialties that you must try. This cake will captivate you with its delicious, fat-free taste and will keep you from becoming bored. It ‘s certain that you ‘ll enjoy it.


– Ba Do, 8 Nguyen Binh Khiem Street, Phu Hiep Ward, Hue City (Opening time: 8:00 AM – 09:30 PM)

– Me Le, 104/17/9 Kim Long Street, Kim Long Ward, Hue city (Opening time: 06:00 AM – 10:00 PM)

– Hanh Restaurant, 11 Pho Duc Chinh Street, Hue City (Opening time: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM)

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