Bach Ma National Park Vietnam

Being renowned as a paradise destination for nature lovers to explore, Bach Ma national park preserves a rich ecosystem of floras and faunas nowadays. In 1991, the national park was established but was explored by a French engineer in 1932, then Bao Dai King decided to build many resorts to attract tourists until today. Many villa houses at the national park still preserve and redesign. Bach Ma has many attractions to discover, tourists usually tend to spend around 5-6  hours for trekking the whole area. Sometimes, visitors can spend a camping night here. Beside discover the biodiversity of the forest, tourists will also visit some famous places such as five lakes, Do Quyen Water Fall, Hai Vong Dai, Truc Lam Zens, etc. The detailed guide of this article will share all information about Bach Ma national park of Vietnam, you will save it as a travel resource to be well-prepared for your holiday.

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1. Location of Bach Ma National Park Vietnam

Bach Ma National Park is located in Phu Loc district and Nam Dong, Thua Thien Hue province. There are two ways to reach the Park that you can depart from Hue or Danang city. The national park is located 44km south of Hue and 58km north of Danang. With an extremely large area of 37,487 hectares, it is famous for being a conservation area with many rare animals and plants, even some species are on the red list with nearly 2,400 species of plants and over 1,700 animals.


2. What to do at Bach Ma National Park Vietnam

Visit Do Quyen Waterfall

Do Quyen waterfall is the most impressive landmark at Bach Ma National Park. The name Do Quyen comes from azalea flowers grow two sides of the waterfall from March to April every year. It is a blend of bright colors of flowers and while waterfall which are impress many travelers. With the tall 300 meter, the water is falling to the rocks and the forests. In order to explore deeply this natural landscape, you can ascend over 600 steps to the base of waterfall. It will appear like a painting beauty with the harmony of color and nature. A journey of hundred of step to the base of waterfall is worth it and you can share this experience to your friends.

Do Quyen Waterfall in Bach Ma Nation Park

Do Quyen waterfall become an ideal place for picnic to many tourists. With majestic natural landscape, you will have a relaxing time after trekking long hours. Don’t forget to bring snacks and light foods when you visit Bach Ma National Park.

Swimming at Five Lakes (Ngu Ho)

Ngu Ho or Five lakes is another interesting attraction of Bach Ma national park. You will have to do trekking around 2km -3km to see this attraction from the peak. It comprises 5 different lakes at different levels. The tranquil rivers become an ideal for many travelers take rest after long hours conquering the forest. Water pours from the height of six meters and it creates a charming scene. In addition, there are some small waterfall around the lakes which make the landscapes become stunning. Coming to this place, visitors can swim to refresh your body or cool off the temperature. The clean of blue water send positive energy to your travel. You can spend here around 30 to an hour at five lakes.

Ngu Ho Lake - Bach Ma Nation Park Mark

Explore Vong Hai Dai

Vong Hai Dai is the peak of Bach Ma National Park with the height 1,448 meters above the sea levels. Coming to this attraction, you will see the entire panoramic view of mountains, villages, lagoons such as Lang Co, Hai Van Pass, Truoi lake, Cau Hai lagoon, and Chan May port. Don’t forget to bring binoculars follow the trip if you have it.


Vong Hai Dai comprises two floors for visitors discover. The best view is coming from the second floor where you can get an opportunity to watch the sunset from a very close distance. Many virtual photos at this place become famous on social media because of this attractive destination. Visiting around this place will be 20 to 30 minutes. You can enjoy the peace that nature brings to your trip.

Conquer Truc Lam Zens

One of a hidden gems in Bach Ma National Park is Truc Lam Zens as It is hidden in the white clouds amidst majestic natural space. This special place is an ideal for buddhism tourists come and explore. The monastery is surrounded by Truoi Lake and can be reached by a 15-minute boat ride. There are many buddha statues for people come to visit and pray. Coming here you will feel the sacred atmosphere that this attraction brings. The monastery has ancient architecture in harmony with majestic natural landscape, it is attracting thousands of tourists come and visit.


Having picnic time at the forest or waterfall

A day explore Bach Ma National Park can’t complete without food. You will have to bring some snack and light foods for your trip because of 5-6 hours trekking in the forest. There is only one restaurant serve in Bach Ma so our recommendation is bringing your own food. Or if you decide to book Bach Ma National Park Tour from Explore Vietnam Travel, we will organise food experiences for you. Usually, a picnic lunch is our best choice for all tourists, we can enjoy cuisines with natural landscapes.  The best place in Bach Ma to have lunch is Do Quyen Waterfall. You can rest approximately 2 hours here at lunch.

bach ma national park

Explore floras and faunas at Bach Ma National Park

The diversity of nature ecosystem is rich at Bach Ma National Park. You will discover many kind of animals species and plants. The area is 37.500 hectares with more than 2373 plants and 1715 animals. Especially, there are many rare plants and animals listed in the Red Book. Coming here, you will have an opportunity to experience different bird types and interesting monkeys. In addition, you also will see some typical types of species are earth dragons, pig-tailed macaques, pangolins, long-billed babblers, hornbills…etc… Passionate nature and animal lovers will not want to miss this chance to discover the biodiversity at the National Park.


3. How to get to Bach Ma National Park Vietnam

As we mentioned above, you can depart from Hue or Danang to visit Bach Ma National Park. In this article, we will mention some main vehicles to transfer and guide you to the national park.

By Private Car

Travel by car is the safe and convenient transfer to all travelers. The duration will be 40 – 60 minutes to arrive the national park from Hue or Danang. Car services operate widely nowadays, Explore Vietnam Travel have professional drivers in all cities of Vietnam especially Hue. You can send us your travel inquiry and we will response timely for your trip. By hiring a full day car, our driver will pick up and drop off at your stay references. When you do trekking at the forest, our driver will wait you patiently in the meeting points. You will have flexible time to visit any places which you want.


By Motorbike

Our second option is traveling by motorbike to Bach Ma National Park. The duration might be longer than car which is more than an hour. This travel method will give you the freedom to stop and explore any attraction on the way. Renting a motorbike is cheap cost which is ranging from 150,000 VND to 200,000 VND per day. However, it will be hard when you leave your bike at the parking place and have to go for trekking in the forest. The journey will be challenging when you continue to walk in a far distance at the national park. Sometimes, you even get lost when you try to explore on your own. Our recommendation is having a professional rider or tour guide to give you direction and information about the national park.

how to get from hue to hoi an - rent motorbikev- hue to da nang

By booking a Bach Ma National Park Tour from travel agents

Explore Vietnam Travel operate Bach Ma National Park Tour daily. You can choose to depart from Danang, Hue or even Hoi An. Our guides and drivers will pick you up at your accommodations. By traveling this way, you won’t need to hassle search all information because our local tour guide will share informative knowledge to you. Moreover, lunch is also covered on our tour so you don’t need to prepare for food while trekking in the forest. We provide private and group tours which you can choose base on your travel budgets. Do not hesitate to contact our team for the tour to Bach Ma National Park Vietnam.


4. Bach Ma National Park entrance fee

In order to visit Bach Ma National Park, you are required to buy an entrance fee. The price for adult is 60,000 VND/ ticket and the children or student is 30,000 VND/ ticket. The ticket gives the access for one-full day sightseeing for all tourists.

5. The best time to visit Bach Ma National Park

The weather in central Vietnam is divided in two seasons which is wet and dry. From December to July is the dry season and from August to November is the wet season. Therefore, the best time to explore Bach Ma National Park is the dry season because you can enjoy the natural landscapes in a clear sky and participating many outdoor activities such as picnic, trekking, etc…Before visiting Bach Ma, you should check weather forecast carefully. We believe the dry season is much better than the wet season for trekking activity.


6. Travel Tips

The following travel tips will help you be well-prepared for your trip to Bach Ma National Park:

– The best time to visit the national park is in the dry season which is from December to July.

– Making sure you are in a good health condition for trekking activity because you have to walk and climb a lot during 5-6 hours.

– Follow the rules to protect the diversity of floras and faunas from the government. Don’t throw trash everywhere at the national park.

– You can bring personal items such as hiking shoes, suncream, travel backpack, insect spray, snacks and drinks, camera, comfortable clothes, light jacket, tent (if you go for camping),.. etc….

Bach Ma National Park Map

 7. Conclusion

Bach Ma National Park is a wonderful destination of central region Vietnam for nature enthusiasts. Full day discover all attractions will imerge yourself with natural beauty. It depends on your travel duration, you can spend overnight for camping or not. The diversity of animals and plants are exciting and interesting to explore beside all sightseeing attractions. With temperature in the summer always hot, a trip to the forest to cool down the hit is worth it. If you are looking a memorable trip to Bach Ma, do not hesitate to contact Explore Vietnam Travel. We will plan an unforgettable trip to ensure your satisfaction.

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