Population of Hoi An

As of 2018, the population of Hoi An was 152,160, but that number has changed quite a bit over the years.  To begin, lets see how the entire area looks compared to how it was when the port area of the town was founded back in 1595.  The original streets from that time are still mostly in place, as are many of the ancient buildings.  This is all despite the growth that Hoi An has seen since that time.

Trade was popular back then and many people went between this part of Vietnam and their home country, selling their goods.  Once the Silk Road opened for business, people ventured through Hoi An at a staggering pace, with some choosing to stay in the region.  The Japanese were one of the nationalities that stayed the most and they are the ones who honored this region with their Japanese Covered Bridge.

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In fact, you will see a large Japanese and Chinese influence in many parts of Hoi An from all those years ago.

While the population of Hoi An has grown over the years, the numbers have grown even more with the expats that call this part of the country their temporary home.  Add in all the tourists that arrive to see the sights each year, and the population of Hoi An grows even more.

Population of Hoi An

(Population of Hoi An)

When you are talking about the population in Hoi An, you must be aware that people between the ages of fifteen and sixty-five have grown in recent years.  Those people who are older are also living longer, which is why the population numbers are even higher.  Although, since less babies are born each year, the population in Hoi An is not growing at a faster rate like it could.

While the ratio of men and women in Hoi An is fairly equal, numbers do show that those within the larger age brackets are mostly female, while those in the younger child brackets are mostly male.  This means that females are outliving their male counterparts, while more males are being born than females at the present time.  The latter is due to medical advancements and parents being able to choose the gender of their baby.  Males are still respected more in this country and most families will prefer to have a male instead of a female if they are only having one child.

Population in Hoi An

(Population of Hoi An)

The population of Hoi An has changed significantly over the years and there are obviously many reasons for this.  While you could see a downturn in the numbers in the near future, our bets are that it will continue to rise quickly once again.  This is due to the natural beauty of the area, as well as how many things there are to do in that part of the country.  More and more people will want to continue to move to Hoi An and that will cause the population of Hoi An to grow once again.

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