How many days in Hoi An

How many days in Hoi An? Everyone’s schedule is unique because it is determined by their time, budget, and desire to explore. As a result, it is difficult to determine how much time to spend in Hoi An.

If you only want to visit Hoi An’s ancient town, one day is sufficient to explore it. In contrast, if you want to immerse yourself in Hoi An’s rich cultural legacy and take a few excursions in the surrounding area, you should plan a vacation to Hoi An for 2-3 days. This is for those who have more time in Vietnam and wish to explore Hoi An completely.

How many days in Hoi An

Hoi An is not a large city, yet you can spend a lot of time exploring it. 1 day is enough time to explore the main attractions in Hoi An, but after you start exploring the surrounding areas, you’ll realize how much this part of Vietnam has to offer. The city’s attractions are best enjoyed at a leisurely pace, letting you to immerse yourself in its distinct ambiance and discover its numerous hidden treasures. That is why we have created this Hoi An itinerary (from 1 to 3 days) to show you the ideal way to spend three days in Hoi An.

1. Hoi An Old Town 1 Day Itinerary

If you just have one day in this gorgeous town, it is a no-brainer to base your itinerary around the most famous attraction, Hoi An Old Town. The old town is a treasure mine of traditional works and buildings, so this Hoi An day trip itinerary can help you schedule your time to visit as many places as possible.

  • Get up early and go to the Hoi An Central Market, the busy hub of local life, where you can see a variety of colorful produce and get a sense of what it’s like to live in Hoi An.

hoi an center market in Hoi An Ancient Town

  • Visit the iconic Japanese Covered Bridges, which symbolizes Hoi An’s cultural blend and architectural splendor.


  • Explore the Assembly Halls, which include the Fujian Assembly Hall (Phuc Kien Assembly Hall), Cantonese Assembly Hall (Quan Cong Assembly Hall), Chaozhou Assembly Hall, and Hainan Assembly Hall to appreciate their elaborate designs and learn about their historical significance.

Phuc Kien Assembly Hall - How many days in Hoi An

  • Discover the charm of the old-fashioned houses, such as Tan Ky Old House, Phung Hung Ancient House, Duc An Old House, Quan Thang Ancient House or Diep Dong Nguyen Old House. This is an excellent way to learn about the city’s rich history while also taking advantage of the perfect photo opportunities!


  • To cap off the day, enjoy an evening boat ride along the Hoai River and release floating flower lanterns, or see the magnificent Hoi An art shows.

Hoi An Lantern Festival in thu bon river

2. Hoi An Old Town 2 Day Itinerary

If you are visiting Hoi An for two days, it is recommended that you keep the first day the same and use the second day to visit My Son Sanctuary and Tra Que Village.

  • My Son Sanctuary is one of Hoi An’s most beautiful attractions. This sanctuary is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. This place is 40 kilometers from Hoi An and takes around an hour to go to. Arrive at My Son Sanctuary and begin exploring the Valley of Kings. It served as both a religious ceremony venue for kings and a burial ground for Cham royalties and national heroes. The Champa Kings built My Son Sanctuary between the fourth and fourteenth centuries. Depending on the day and time you come, you may also be able to see a traditional Apsara dance performed by Cham descendants. You may learn more about the Kingdom of Cham and the Champa people at the My Son Museum, which is also near the My Son Temples.

My Son Sanctuary Tour From Hoi An

  • Cycling from Hoi An Old Town to escape the city’s noise and bustle takes about 15 minutes. You’ll be in a farming environment with good weather and friendly people: Tra Que Vegetable Village. It is a small village that supplies fresh veggies to all of Hoi An and surrounding areas. You are interested by local farmers’ farming practices, such as scraping the ground, sowing, picking vegetables, and a variety of other activities that are uncommon in modern life. In addition, you’ll be able to join one of the daily cooking classes to learn how to cook wonderful Vietnamese meals with a local chef in Tra Que Village.

Tra Que vegetable village tour

3. Hoi An Old Town 3 Day Itinerary

With Hoi An Old Town 3 Day Itinerary, day-1 and day-2 should keep and begin following this itinerary on day-3.

  • Take a pleasant boat ride along the waterways of Bay Mau Coconut Village (Cam Thanh Coconut Village), surrounded by towering coconut palms and mangrove forests. Because of its airy, large, wide space and magnificent water coconut palm forest, the village is a famous tourist attraction for visitors from Hoi An and surrounding areas. Traveling to Bay Mau coconut village allows you to envision yourself experiencing South Vietnam’s Mekong Delta region. When you visit Cam Thanh Coconut Village, you will be able to participate in a range of activities such as a basket ride, crafting objects out of coconut leaves, river fishing with local fishermen, and tasting ripe coconuts.

visit coconut village hoi an

  • Begin learning the art of pottery in Thanh Ha Pottery Village, where expert artists demonstrate their clay pottery artistry. This village is approximately 400 years old, and the locals have been working there for generations. It is not a normal place with certain typical items, but rather a complete workshop for a wide range of pottery. You’ll see a lot of decorative pottery being made, and many pieces will be painted or glazed.

Thanh Ha Pottery village - How many days in Hoi An

  • Spend your final night in Hoi An relaxing at An Bang Beach, which is noted for its tranquil setting and crystal blue ocean, as well as popular bars and restaurants. Relax on An Bang Beach’s immaculate sandy coastlines, enjoy the sunset, and take refreshing dips in the cool waters of this picturesque beach.

The Shore Club - How many days in Hoi An

Overall, how long you spend in Hoi An is determined by your travel time in Central Vietnam. Whether you have a day or a few days,  Hoi An Old Town has a variety of experiences that highlight its distinct charm and cultural heritage. With our recommendations, you can now plan your trip and enjoy every second of this enchanting town.

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