Hoi An Red Light District

The Hoi An Red Light District is not as bustling, or even existent, as the one located in Hanoi, but you will still find an electrifying and vibrant ambiance at the nightlife destinations during your visit.  Basically, any type of Red Light District activity is strictly prohibited in Hoi An and is considered against the law.  Therefore, while you can meet girls at many of the local bars, you need to make sure you are not doing anything illegal.

Since there is no designated Red Light District within Hoi An, you will find that you need to visit many areas of the town to enjoy the nightlife.

Before and Now Bar

The first bar you may want to consider is the Before and Now Bar.  You will find this bar over on Le Loi Street, not too far away from the Japanese Covered Bridge.  The open-air terrace is perfect for enjoying the night air with the lanterns in the distance.  There are many happy hour specials at this bar each day, so you will want to plan your visit accordingly.

Before and Now Bar - hoi an red light district

Dive Bar

This popular bar is the go-to destination for both locals and tourists after the sun sets.  There is live music almost every night, so you can hear the local musicians and bands.  Dive Bar caters to many scuba divers from around the world, so you never know who you may meet during your visit.  Since they open at ten o’clock in the morning and close at midnight, you can easily spend hours there.

dive bar - Hoi An Nightlife

Q Bar

Q Bar is quite crowded on the weekends, which is no surprise since it is such a popular nightlife destination.  The drinks are quite expensive, so you may want to see if this is within your budget before you arrive or stick with just one drink.

Q Bar Hoi An Nightlife - hoi an red light district

Hoi An Sports Bar

There is always a sporting event going on at this sports bar, so you won’t need to live without your favorite sport when you are away from home.  Plus, you may find a new sport to watch when you are there!  This bar opens at eleven in the morning and closes twelve hours later, so this is a perfect place to start your night out on the town before you venture over to a bar in the Hoi An Red Light District that is open later.

Hoi An Sports Bar - hoi an red light district

King Dragon

King Dragon is one of the local bars that is open until late in the night, so you can arrive early and have fun until you can no longer keep your eyes open.  All the cocktails and beer can be purchased for a reasonable price and there is always a sporting event on the televisions.  You will find this bar over on Phan Boi Chau Street and there is no way you will miss the building as you are passing by.

king dragon bar - hoi an red light district

Why Not Bar

One feature of a popular bar anywhere in the world is the length of time they are open during the overnight hours.  This bar could be considered part of the Hoi An Red Light District, because it stays open until five o’clock in the morning every single night.  You will find the younger crowds at this bar and it is common for this bar to hold different themed parties for their customers to enjoy.

why not bar - hoi an red light district

Café 96

You will find this bar near the river and it has quite the rustic look inside and out.  While Café 96 might be a little rundown, you will appreciate the cheap beer during your night out on the town.  If you happen to be over on Bach Dang Street, this is where you will want to go, even if it is only for a drink or two before heading out to a bar that has a little more action.

92 station hoi an - best bars in hoi an

There really isn’t a designated Hoi An Red Light District, but that doesn’t mean you cannot have fun out on the town during your time in this part of Vietnam.  Visit one of these bars and see who you meet at each one, so maybe you can have a new friend or two before you head home.

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