Hoi An Nightlife

Hoi An offers a variety of activities to the tourists for the entire day but the best part is that there are a lot of things to enjoy in the night as well. You will find the other side of the city in the night time. The main features include the beautiful ancient town, bistros, river side, cafes, bars, restaurants, live music places, night markets, art lounges and many more. The best thing is that the attractions are near each other so you can explore major parts of the city by walk.

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The places you visit in the day time become a little different in the night because of the lanterns, live music and traditional dance performances, candles floating in the river and the happy hours of different pubs and bars. You can select the activities according to your mood like dance, live music, jamming or just sitting and relaxing beside the river.

Hoi An nightlife
(Hoi An nightlife)

At the night time you will feel like another side of the city has awakened. The old town becomes illuminated and vibrant with colorful lanterns. Trendy bistros, bars and pubs get crowd of people and the river side become an amazing display of lights and colors. Most of the places in Vietnam close at a certain time in the evening whereas Hoi An has a lot of places open until late at night. The people of Hoi An are very concerned about their traditional values so do not wear too flashy dresses.

Dive bar

You will find the name of dive bar on the top of Hoi An nightlife list because it is very popular among locals and tourists. This bar is owned by the Cham island diving center and it completely represents its name. The theme of the bar is ‘dive’ that is loved by travel enthusiasts, diving lovers and fun people from all around the world. it remains open from 10:00pm to 3:00am with live music, drinks and dance. There are some lounges with sofas, pool tables, internet café and garden courtyard. The creative menu has a big variety of local and international cocktails, spirits, whiskeys, premium wines and mocktails. The drinking fun increases at 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm when everybody can mix their own cocktail with the help of expert mixer. You get a certificate when you complete it successfully. Indoor areas get smoky because shisha is also in the menu. If you have problem with the smoke, then the garden is the best option to sit. Dive bar starts music with the chill and rock music then after a while live band starts playing blues, reggae and other tunes.

dive bar - Hoi An Nightlife
(Dive bar )

Hoi An Sports Bar

This entire place is dedicated to the sports fans. The interior and surroundings are designed according to the sports lovers. The Hoi An ancient town is the home of the lively place. Most of the visitors are tourists who visit the place to enjoy the live matches like NRL, super rugby, Australian open tennis, NBA and AFL. The biggest reason for so many Australian sports is that the bar is owned by an Australian. It is easily reachable from Hoi An history and culture museum. There are television screens where different live matches keep on going every time. The upstairs area is also very interesting because it has different games like football machine, play station, Xbox, Wii, darts and many other board games. This place is very lively and interactive that everyone enjoys along with a wonderful menu of local and international cocktails, beers and other drinks.

Hoi An Sports Bar
(Hoi An Sports Bar)


The opulent lounge of Q Bar serves extensive list of cocktails, spirits, beers and Japanese snacks to their celebrity guests, travel expats and tourists. The oriental décor is more enhanced with paper Mache lanterns, cozy lounge seats, wooden communal tables, colorful silk pillows and flashy LED lights. It remains open from 11:30pm to 3:00am and remains filled with exclusive crowds. The lights make the interior sink into red, pink and green colors. Q bar is expensive as compared to the other places of the city but they are reasonable as compared to the western places.

Q Bar Hoi An Nightlife
(Q Bar)

Zero sea mile beach club

You can spend the wonderful party night at the beach after the bars are closed. Zero sea mile beach club remains open from 12:00am to 4:00am. The huge dance floor and Dj increase the beauty of the beach by maintaining the most amazing parties. Most of the tourists’ who are not tired of spending the time in the bars and clubs head toward this place after 12:00 am to spend the liveliest parties. The prices start from 25,000 VND.

White marble wine bar

If you want to see a perfect mix of old and new furniture for some inspiration, then you can visit a high-end resto bar named white marble wine bar. It is located in the refurbished building at the Le Loi street and the two-minute walk away from the Hoi An trade ceramics museum. There are 14 types of assorted wines which are served in embellished glasses. The interior is very tasteful and has a nice variety among colorful pillows of bar stools, vintage photographs, wooden shelves decorated with wines and marble flooring. Menu of white marble wine bar also has a variety of spirits, vodka, rum and whiskeys. It remains filled with local and international visitors from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm. This is the best place where you can sit in the day time for some nice meal at the well-furnished dining space or have a calm night out with the jazz music being played in the background. The evenings become more calm and beautiful because of the stunning views of the Thu Bon river. It is the perfect place to enjoy apart from drinks because the food menu is also filed with a variety of delicious cuisines.

White marble wine bar
(White marble wine bar)

Tam Tam

The prefect place to relax resides in an old building on Thai hoc street that remains open from 8:00pm to 2:00am. The location is just five minutes away from the Japanese covered bridge. It is one of the best options for the late night party lovers. It is basically a very casual, light and friendly place to enjoy the night out and relax. The interior is inspired by the tropical theme so there are pool tables, spacious lounge area and relaxed seating. If you reach early then you can grab some wonderful balcony seating to enjoy the outdoor more. The menu with huge variety serves imported beers, spirits, cocktails, wines, Vietnamese and European delicacies like pho, banh xeo, sandwiches, pizzas, pastas, omelets, cakes and homemade ice creams.

tam tam cafe
(Tam Tam cafe)

Before and Now Bar

You can find the noisiest place in Hoi An nightlife list that attracts the most party loving crowds. It remains open from 6:00 pm to 12:00 am with the liveliest and high energy atmosphere. Different drink offers keep going on during the four happy hours. The popularity of before and now bar is increasing quickly in the ancient town. The two storey building has the open air terrace that has beautiful sitting among the fresh potted plants and lanterns. Bar also offers interesting pool and football table games. Before and now bar is located in the Le Loi street that has Japanese covered bridge on a five minutes’ walk.

Before and Now Bar
(Before and Now Bar)

Café 96

The stunning views of the river enhance the beauty of the café. This is highly visited by the budget travelers and back packers because of the economical prices. This is also a perfect place to enjoy some local drinks and food prepared with the ingredients available locally. It remains open from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm. The poetic ambiance of the café has paint peeling and exposed bricks with traditional furniture. Visitors can sit near the river and enjoy the delicious food and drinks.

(cafe 96)

Fusion café

Thu Bon river has the beautiful setting with this amazing beautiful fusion café. The lantern lit river side is very interesting to enjoy the cold pressed juices, pastries, wraps, sandwiches, Lavazza coffee and creative Vietnamese cocktails. Fusion café remains open from 9:00 am to 11:30 pm. You can enjoy the meal and drinks with complimentary manicures and back massages. Ever Friday the music is played by international DJs.

Fusion café
(Fusion café)

Visit the Japanese Covered Bridge

Japanese covered bridge has a number of wonderful attractions near it due to that it becomes necessary to visit it at least once. Visiting the bridge is a very important thing to do in the Hoi An nightlife activities. The bridge is a very important landmark and the identity of Hoi An. It is adorned with LED lights and it becomes more fantastic to visit in the night. You will find a lot of people clicking images especially wedding couples because of the romantic views of the rustic town and bridge. You can buy some colorful lanterns from the children selling lanterns on the bridge. You can even take coffee or drink to have while walking on the bridge.

Japanese Covered Bridge Hoi An Nightlife
(Japanese Covered Bridge – Hoi An Nightlife)

Take a food tour

The variety of foods available in Hoi An is very huge due to that trying everything is not an easy job. You will often hear about the food tours in Hoi An. These are usually for 4 hours in which a group of people take a walk tour in different areas. They are guided by a local guide who gives them information about the foods and recommend the best ones to try. You can enjoy an amazing night out with the food tour group and try different delicious foods of Vietnam. If you join in the first sew days of your trip, then you can visit the places by yourself during the remaining days and try new dishes. This is fantastic part of Hoi An nightlife for the food lovers.

Take a food tour - Hoi An Nightlife
(Take a food tour – Hoi An Nightlife)

Play Bai Choi

When you visit the Hoi An bridge, there are a lot of people offering to play the game. You will get an excellent chance to interact with locals. The person sell you three cards that you keep in your hand. Then he sings three traditional or national songs of Vietnam and if the three names they recite come in your card then you win. They give you a gift for that. it is very interesting and fun thing to do.

bai choi Hoi An Nightlife
(Bai Choi – Hoi An Nightlife)

Hoi An Night market

Night market of Hoi An starts at 5:00 pm every day where more than 50 local sellers bring their local products like snacks, clothing, jewelry, handicrafts, accessories and a lot more. This is one of the most popular markets of the country. Hoi An night market covers entire area of Nguyen Hoang street that is almost 300 meters long. You will see a lot of photographers and tourists at this place. There are a lot of specialty products, lanterns, silk products and traditional apparel also available for sale. The price quoted initially is higher than the original cost so, do not hesitate to bargain. You will find a variety of food as well and the average full meal cost is very cheap. If you do not want to eat in the street than you can go to a nice restaurant or café in the street. There are many pubs and bars as well with roof top terraces where you can sit and enjoy the market views.

Hoi An Nightlife
(Hoi An Night market)

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