Tuan Chau Harbor – Halong Bay

Overview of Tuan Chau harbor

Charming and beautiful Tuan Chau Harbor is a home to stunning mountains, crystal blue sea and clear sky. Hundreds of colorful yachts make it a very colorful and picturesque landscape. There are many restaurants, souvenir shops, bars, cafes and super markets in the area. It is a very popular attraction among tourists because of the extensive variety of entertainment product chains. Tuan Chau group keeps on investing and upgrading the area to improve service quality such as it replaced the old station with the new station that is three times bigger than the old one.

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This is a very modern harbor area with three sections which are; a check in area, children’s play area, supermarket and some other parts with free activities such as tourist information area, post office, water puppetry ethnic music and dance area. It is mostly crowded due to its popularity and a variety of things to do.

Things to do at Tuan Chau harbor

There are a variety of activities to do on the Tuan Chau harbor. However, Tuan Chau island also offers a bundle of entertainment to its visitors.

Tuan Chau Park

It is a wonderful area filled with unlimited entertainment such as water puppet theatre, theme park, performance stages, cinemas and many more. Visitors can also play hundreds of thrilling games. Different areas of Tuan Chau Park are:

King Kong park contains hundreds of sculptures from prehistoric times, Vietnamese legends, folklores, mythical creatures, dinosaur era and 18 types of dragons from myths and folklores. It has fairytale like waterfall, poetic hill, pine forests, winding roads and colorful flowers.


There are different performance stages in the Tuan Chau Island area. You can see shows of different animals such as dolphins, seals and sea lions. Different music concerts, fashion and cultural shows are also organized on these stages.

Tuan Chau Water Music Performance Palace

It is one of the main features of Tuan Chau island that is designed like a giant scallop with sparkling gems. There is a large lake with a grand stand of more than 12000 seats. It is designed in the style of ancient Roman arena. There are thousands of colored lights, faucets, fire pillars and laser lights which are controlled by laser effect technology and state of the art projectors.


Tuan Chau game zone

This is an amusement park complex on Tuan Chau Island that is a wonderful mix of architecture and nature. You can see miniature of famous wonders of the world. It also has an area with a huge gaming room containing large sized games and characters of Disney cartoons and fairy tales played by many staff members. People can also do racing, horseback riding and many more.


Tuan Chau Golf Course

It is the largest golf course in the province that is designed to serve 24 hours. Golfers can visit and experience it anytime. Golf course has modern systems and equipment with various service areas, food court and more.


Temple of Lady King Tuan Chau

This temple remained a cultural and spiritual center for over 200 years. People visit the temple to pray in the beginning and end of every year for a good harvest sea trip. Worshippers do different rituals and play folk games including dragon boat swimming competition and tug of war competition.


Accommodation budget moderate and expensive near Tuan Chau harbor

Hidden Charm Hotel

It is one of the most affordable accommodations on the island. There are 50 rooms with stunning sea view and amenities. It is constructed in a modern style with an outdoor swimming pool.


Golden Gem Hotel

Golden gem is not a very upscale place or a very impressive architecture where as it is one of the most popular accommodations on the island due to its room prices.


Tuan Chau Resort Ha Long

Its unique construction is a fantastic fusion of Vietnamese and French cultures. Rooms are equipped with amenities. Hotel has two restaurants, tennis court, spas and a culinary garden.


Places to eat

Linh Dan Restaurant

It is a best place for a variety of foods. Menu includes European, Asian and Vietnamese cuisines. There are many vegetarian and Vegan options. It is a modern eatery with a diverse range of foods and drinks.

Cua Vang restaurant

You can get a variety of seafood and Vietnamese food options in Cua Vang restaurant. Food is delicious and menu has many drinks to enjoy with food.

BMC Hai Au restaurant

Menu has a variety of Asian, Vietnamese cuisines and fast food options. You can enjoy delicious meals in breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Airport info

Van Don International Airport is available for travel. Distance from the airport to the Tuan Chau marina is only 45 minutes long.



There are different ways to travel to the harbor and explore different areas. You can travel by local bus, cab, rent a bike or scooter.  You can also contact the cruise company to have an exciting trip. Many cruise companies arrange shuttle to pick up the visitors.


Tuan Chau Harbor is an amazing area to explore and enjoy with many unique things that you will not find anywhere else in the world.

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