Thien Cung Cave – Halong Bay

Overview of Thien Cung cave

Thien Cung Cave or “The heaven palace cave” is located in the south west of Halong Bay. The cave remained a place for myths and folklores for a long time. In the ancient time, when the cave was first discovered. A thick forest grew over the entrance of the cave due to that locals forgot the location of the cave. In 1993, a fisherman caught in a storm and searched for a shelter. He reached the cave and after that it became a favourite for the visitors.

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The cave remained in the local stories after it was lost. People remembered it until they found it again. Vietnamese people also believed that the cave was a home of an ancient dragon king, dragon queen and their 100 off springs. It is a dry cave with a range of complex inner structures and high ceilings. Their marriage happened in the heart of the cave that was attended by many magical and mythical creatures. After the children grew, half of them became guardians of the Halong bay and rest of them helped Vietnam. Thien Cung Cave has a range of stalactites and Stalagmites formations in it.

Things to do at Thien Cung cave

There are a variety of things to do in the Thien Cung Cave.

The First Compartment in the Cave

It is an extremely majestic place that is carefully observed by the visitors. East wall of the cave has pictures of legendary characters; northern wall has dancing fairies that came to celebrate the dragon king’s marriage and the dome shaped ceiling has unique stalactite systems that hang like crystal chandeliers.


Center Area of the cave

There are different shapes and four large pillars that make the cave a very beautiful place. Pictures are of birds, fish, wild flowers and marriage scene of dragon king. You can clearly hear the sounds of drums created by the wind passing through the rocks. Different angles of the cave give you a unique experience.


End of the Cave

End area of the cave is stunning because there are reflections of white, red and blue lights passing through the stalactites. There are extremely sparkling pools. There are unique, meticulous and delicate sculptures of nature in the end of the cave. Visitors enjoy the wonders of nature.


Accommodation budget moderate and expensive

Thien Cung Cave is a very touristy area that welcomes thousands of tourists each year. There are plenty accommodation options in the area.

Places to eat

There are a variety of delicious food places in every corner of Vietnam. You will find a variety of food places near Thien Cung Cave.

3Vin restaurant and Bar

It is the best place to enjoy European dishes, Japanese foods, Vietnamese food, fresh seafood and delicious wines. It is a luxurious space that serves cuisines such as Japanese scallop soup, smoked salmon salad, Spanish pig thighs and much more.

Whiskey Gallery Restaurant

First floor of the Paradise suites hotel is the home to Whiskey gallery restaurant. It has a capacity of almost 300 people. luxury interior of the restaurant is made with wood and leather in ancient elegant style. Whiskey Gallery restaurant serve Asian and European delicacies.

Nha Hang Cua Vang

You can enjoy a variety of delicious sea food in a luxurious restaurant. Foods are created with fresh ingredients sourced from the local farmers and sellers. Many foods are created in the earthenware pots.

Airport info

You can use Van Don International Airport in Quang Ninh for domestic and international airlines. It is very well connected with all major parts of the world.



Dau Go island is the home to Thien Cung Cave and only way to reach the cave is by boat. Check the ticket details carefully for different boat tours are offered and not all of them stop at the cave. After reaching the cliff, you have to walk on the road between the trees to get inside the cave.

Thien Cung Cave trip starts from a beautiful boat tour. You can witness the amazing historic place that is an important part of Vietnamese culture and folklores.

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