One Pillar Pagoda

Overview of One Pillar Pagoda

Vietnam is filled with many natural wonders, amazing sights, attractions, rich history and culture. There are many megacities and tribal villages. There is a variety of buildings in the country which are dedicated to religion. Vietnamese pagodas are not only worshipping places whereas they are wonders of art and architecture. Locals visit pagodas daily to receive blessings, prayers and celebrate festivals or events with each other.

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Vietnamese pagodas are not very big in size. They are normally made of wood, bricks and tiles near lakes, ponds or rivers. One pillar pagoda is one of the most amazing religious place in the country. It is a Lotus flower shaped building that is the national flower of Vietnam. It uniqueness and beauty made it the most unique pagoda in Asia. Vietnamese people call it Lien Hoa Dai. It was constructed during the 10th century in the lake Linh Chieu. Millions of tourists visit the pagoda each year from all around the world.

Things to do at One Pillar Pagoda

There are a many things to do in One Pillar pagoda. It is better that you search for the activities in detail to decide what you are going to do in the religious place and its surrounding areas. You can explore and enjoy a variety of beautiful and spiritual things in one place.

Exterior of One Pillar Pagoda

One Pillar Pagoda was reconstructed by architect Nguyen Ba Lang in 1955 based on the design left by Nguyen Dynasty. It was suggested to recover and maintain the pagoda. Unique design of the pagoda is nowhere else in the entire country. A huge number of wooden bars are combined together to form a square block on a large stone pillar in the center of Linh Chieu Lake. It is a shape of a lotus flower. Sides of the Linh Chieu Lake are covered with glazed ceramic designs that make it a very picturesque landscape.

One-Pillar-Pagoda in-Ha-Noi

Corners of the roof are curved upwards and it is covered with red tiles. There is an image on the roof that says “Song Long Chau Nguyet” it is like a prayer to protect the sacredness of the temple and bring harmony of the universe. Building is the intricate mix of stone sculpture, architecture and painting.


There are three gates of the pagoda with a horizontal painting of “Dien Huu Tu” that means extend bless pagoda. It was destroyed and the government expanded the structure while rebuilding. They expanded it to make space for nuns, monks, Buddhists for their meditation and to welcome tourists from all over the world.

Interior of One Pillar Pagoda

You can go inside the Pagoda by climbing 13 steps. They were built in the architecture style of Ly Dynasty. It is the worshipping place of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva or Guanyin in Chinese. This is a Buddhism deity that came around 6th century. When you enter the main hall, there is a large altar with a sitting Buddha statue on a wooden lotus flower. There are many worshipping objects around it. Pagoda also has a Bodhi tree that is a sign of spirituality.


Accommodation budget moderate and expensive near One Pillar Pagoda

Many tourist attractions are located near the pagoda such as Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and museum, Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, Temple of literature and many more. You can easily explore many places by walk if you stay in this area.

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Places to eat

Hanoi Food Tour

There are many places to eat near One Pillar Pagoda. You can plan a food tour with train street visit. It is a very interesting activity to see, the train passing through a narrow street, French colonial architecture and enjoy a huge variety of foods.


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Airport info

Noi Bai International Airport is the main airport in Hanoi for all domestic and international flights.



One Pillar Pagoda is located near many tourist attractions and important landmarks of the city. You can easily get a cab, taxi or bus from Old quarter to city center to visit the Pagoda.

One Pillar Pagoda is a stunning attraction to visit with an opportunity to learn about the culture and religion of Vietnam. It is a wonder of ancient art and architecture.

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