Ho Chi Minh Museum

Overview of Ho Chi Minh Museum

Ho Chi Minh Museum is a very special museum located near the Ho Chi Minh complex. This building was constructed in 5 years to celebrate 100th birthday of Ho Chi Minh. It is a 20 meters high lotus flower divided into 3 floors. Ground floor is designed to host national and international meetings. It is a huge hall with the capacity of 400 seats. Ho Chi Minh museum and Ho Chi Minh city museum are different from each other.

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Second floor of the museum contains more than 2000 show pieces, historical documents that represent revolutionary stages and working life of the great leader. You can learn a lot of things about the culture, lifestyles and history of Vietnam.


Third floor of the building has the famous historical landmarks related to the region, war and history of Ho Chi minh. You can see the revolutionary stages of the growth of Vietnam. Museum is located near many interesting landmarks such as Ho chi minh mausoleum, Ba Dinh square, war memorial and One Pillar Pagoda.

Things to do at Ho Chi Minh Museum

There are many artefacts and stories related to the independence of Vietnam. There is a lot of valuable information and shows to display political connections of the country. Museum has eight collections exhibited in chronological order from the life of Ho Chi Minh. It starts from the early years of his childhood and introduction of the hometown. After that there are different ways by which he discovered ways of freedom from colonialism. It shows the influential figures and founders of Vietnamese socialist party and displays of national heroes from the battle of independence.



You can find many photos, copies of speeches, huge statues, letters and art installations of the president. It was designed by Soviet architects who designed Ho Chi Minh mausoleum and major funding came from the Soviet support. Museum contains many personal belongings of Ho Chi Minh such as clothing, glasses, shoes and other things from his childhood and political career. There are many things that display the efforts of Ho Chi Minh to end French colonial war.


Curated photographs are captioned in different language like English, Vietnamese and French by tourists. There are many photographs from different parts of the world when Ho Chi Minh worked for 10 years as stoker and French freighter. This is the largest collection of Ho chi Minh life and history of the country. Embalmed body of president Ho Chi Minh is placed in mausoleum. This entire area is dedicated to the great leader and his efforts for the country. You can book a guided tour of the area.

Accommodation (budget moderate and luxury)

Pullman Ha Noi

This is an upscale accommodation located in a street lined with restaurants and shops. It is close to many tourist attractions such as temple of literature. It offers free Wi-Fi, TV, minibars, modern room interior, coffee machines and refrigerator. It has restaurant, fitness room, outdoor pool and bar.


Yurii Hotel

It offers free internet, parking, different attractions and dining options near it. You can find many interesting activities to do near Yurii hotel.


Hanh Huong Hostel

It is a budget accommodation located near the museum. There are many attractions and restaurants around the hostel. It offeres free Wi-Fi, luggage storage, 24-hour front desk and a nearby each access.


Places to eat

There is a small market opposite to Ho Chi Minh museum with a lot of food options you can try a variety of Vietnamese foods from different vendors. You can get a chance to interact with locals and pay very affordable price for foods such as Vietnamese pudding, rice, Pho, baguette and many more.

Hedonism wine cellar

It is a steakhouse, pub and bar with a delicious menu containing Italian, French and Vietnamese cuisines. You can enjoy a wonderful evening with your friends or partner.

AIRA sky bar & lounge

You can give yourself a wonderful treat on the 10th and 11th floor with amazing panoramic views of the city. There is a menu of different foods, wines and many other drinks.

Cong Caphe

You can visit the place for brunch with Vietnamese and Asian cuisines. There are many wines and other drinks options.


Noi Bai international airport in Phu Minh commune is used for the domestic and international flights of Hanoi. The airport is located near many tourist attractions.

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Different types of transportation are easily available from different parts of the city to Ho Chi Minh Museum like bus, cab, taxi and train. It is located close to many attractions and restaurants.

Ho Chi Minh Museum is a great place to learn about the contribution and efforts of Vietnamese president Ho Chi Minh. He played an important role during the colonialism and war times. You can explore his belongings, photographs, speeches in printed form, letters, strategies documents, artefacts and many more.

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