Ethnology Museum in Hanoi

Overview of Ethnology Museum in Hanoi

Vietnam is a melting pot of cultures. 54 different ethnic groups played an important role in the cultural diversity of Vietnam. Ethnology museum in Hanoi was created to preserve the heritage and social diversity of the country. This is not only a place to explore the cultural history whereas it also a center for ethnographic research.

Ethnology Museum

It has detailed information about the traditional lifestyle of Vietnam, religious events and rituals of various ethnic groups. It has a permanent exhibition of different objects from the daily life of the groups. There is a research center, auditorium and library.

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Outdoor display has full scale replicas of various architectural styles, Vietnamese houses and gardens. There are showcases of traditional calligraphy and water puppet theatre. Main purpose of museum is to show the cultural practices of various civilizations that lived across Southeast Asia.

Things to do at Ethnology Museum in Hanoi

There are various multimedia tapes, photographs, more than 15000 artifacts and everyday items such as baskets, knives, clothes, jewelry and pipes. There are different items related to the weddings, events, festivals, spiritual rituals and funerals of 54 communities. You can check their cultural identity, heritage and history. There are a lot of things to do in ethnological museum in Hanoi.

Explore the Trong Dong building

The first thing you see is the double storey Trong Dong building that is 2500 m2 in size. Shape of the building is like a bronze drum that is inspired by Vietnamese cultural thing. Information with each item is available in Vietnamese, English and French. Second floor of Trong Dong building keeps modifying because of the addition of new themes every year.



Outdoor display area

There is a garden to walk around and enjoy house models of various ethnic groups such as Hmong roofed house, Ede house, Gia Rai’s grave house and more. You can also explore Ethnological burial house containing funerals and ritual items of different cultures.



Water puppet show

 There are many special art performances in the museum. Tourists can watch different shows such as water puppet show and they can participate in various folk festivals or cultural activities. Different tribes, villages and ethnic groups lived near rivers and lakes in Vietnam. Water puppet show represents their daily life activities and practices.


Southeast Asia Exhibition

It is the final place in the building with the theme “A glimpse of Asia and around the world”. There are different types of artifacts and photographs that represent southeast Asian culture and its relation with various parts of the world.


Accommodation budget moderate and expensive near Ethnology Museum in Hanoi

There are different types of accommodations near the museum. You can visit some very interesting tourist attractions in the area.

Hanoi royal palace hotel 2

This is a very high quality accommodation with many facilities such as free Wi-Fi, airport transfer, bicycle rental, shuttle service, fitness center and many more. It also has a restaurant.

Hanoi royal palace hotel 2

May De Ville Premier Hotel and Spa

Accommodation offers free Wi-Fi in every area of the property. It has very convenient access to many local attractions. This high end hotel also offers access to swimming pool and restaurant.

May De Ville Premier Hotel and Spa

Sao Mai Cosy Nest

This accommodation is located very close to the Noi Bai Airport, various attractions and dining options. You can easily access old quarter by walk from accommodation. Hotel offers hot tub, massage and restaurant facility.

Sao Mai Cosy Nest

Places to eat near Ethnology Museum in Hanoi

Essence restaurant

You can try delicious authentic Vietnamese dishes and the menu contains many western food options. It is one of the best places to try artfully designed cuisines in very exotic ambiance.

Pho Gia Truyen

Pho is the most favourite food of Vietnam. There are many restaurants that serve delicious pho. You will see a huge number of customers in Pho Gia Truyen from opening hours to closing. Red pepper on the tables is too spicy so add it carefully in your noodles.

Hoang Cuisine

This charming restaurant is located in the heart of the old quarter. You can try a variety of delicious Vietnamese dishes such as quail eggs with rice, pancakes and many more. There is nothing international in the menu. Every item in the menu is of Vietnamese origin.

Airport info

Vietnam has many important airports whereas Hanoi has Noi Bai international airport that is the largest airport in northern region of Vietnam. Many domestic and international airlines operate from this airport.



You can take a car or van to the ethnology museum. Different local cab and taxi drivers conveniently take alternative routes to reach the destination in no time. There are extra charges to use camera inside the museum.

Vietnam has a rich history and diversity of cultures. The country face colonization, wars, disasters, ethnic groups evolutions and much more. Ethnology museum is the best place to learn about the cultures that every lived in Vietnam along with their routine lives and history.

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